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Adjustable Hands Free Pumping Bra - Black

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If there's a must-have pumping bra for every Mom , this is it. Designed to fit securely over your nursing bra, freeing up your hands while pumping.  The removable straps and adjustable velcro panel ensures that this bra will always fit your changing body. One hands-free pumping bra for your entire breastfeeding and pumping journey. 

Function: Our simple design is what makes this hands-free pumping bra stand out. Slip it over your breastfeeding bra with the cups dropped down, easily adjust the velcro panel in the back for the perfect fit, zip it up in the front and voila…you’re ready to pump. 

Support: Adjustable compression to fit your body. Patented layered design at pump insertion points maintains suction throughout the pumping session for optimal performance of pump.

Fabric: The hands-free pumping bra is made of a super supportive, cotton spandex blend fabric.It’s soft, stretchy and comfortable for you, Mom.